To best care for your Animula, we advise that you store it in the small zip lock bag found either in the shipping envelope or under the cushion in the original box. Keeping your Animula in an airtight bag when stored prevents it from getting stained from oxidation.

Reaction to skin

Animulas are made from natural materials that react to the chemistry of the atmosphere as well as that of the human skin. As such, copper pieces naturally stain, light silver pieces oxidize and dark silver pieces as well as gold plated pieces fade in color over time. Copper is also known to slightly tone the skin when worn for a longer period of time. This is completely harmless and will slowly vanish when wear is seized.

Rinsing your jewelry

To touch up your piece, gently wash it in plain soap and water. If this is not enough to make it shine again, rub it with a pea-sized ball of toothpaste and rinse with soap and water to bring back the sparkle.

The best thing you can do though to care for your Animula is to wear and treasure it every day – it is not just a piece of jewelry, it is a little piece of soul.