Silver Twin Double Ring

This sterling silver double ring is made from a folded one and a half millimeter silver sheet which is cut into the shape of a double ring. The silver double ring comes in a high gloss polish and is customized to fit perfectly to allow for free movement of the hand.

A sheet of metal more than double the height of the ring is cut from a one and a half millimeter silver sheet, after which it is folded to create two conjoined twin sides surrounding an empty space. Holes to fit the fingers are cut and ends are cut off in a combination of a circular and linear shape. The ring is thoroughly polished to give it a beautiful sparkle.

The ring is crafted by hand by Johan Hovgaard Simonsen in Copenhagen, Denmark and ships by courier with our compliments within 8 weeks from confirmation of order. To make the most of your purchase, please go through our product life and care advise as well as our terms and conditions prior to ordering.

Price in EUR excl. VAT:
(For orders from outside the EU)

248 EUR

Price in EUR incl. VAT:
(For orders from within the EU)

310 EUR

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