Silver Claw Ring

This claw ring is made from a 42 millimeter river crayfish claw cast in solid sterling silver. The claw is fitted onto an open double 2 millimeter sterling silver wire ring that elegantly wraps around the finger. The claw ring has a light matte finish.

Each piece is made to order by hand and the claws are made using the ancient art of sand casting. A negative of the claw is created between two steel rings compressed with oily Saharan sand. The rings are separated for the original claw to be removed, and the void is then filled with liquid silver. The sand reacts differently in each casting, and hence every claw is beautifully unique.

Excess silver is cut off and the claw is polished after which two holes are drilled to serve as the mountings for the double ring. The ring is shaped to measure and soldered into the holes and the ring is given a polish. The ring is polished blank and the claw is matted with a steel brush.

The ring is crafted by hand by Johan Hovgaard Simonsen in Copenhagen, Denmark and ships by courier with our compliments within 8 weeks from confirmation of order. To make the most of your purchase, please go through our product life and care advise as well as our terms and conditions prior to ordering.

Price in EUR excl. VAT:
(For orders from outside the EU)

180 EUR

Price in EUR incl. VAT:
(For orders from within the EU)

225 EUR

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