When inducting new members into the Ordre des Coteaux de Champagne, the official confrérie of Champagne, inductees make their pledge of loyalty to Champagne under the Pomponne – a unique metal cup shaped like its namesake footless Champagne glass, crafted with golden wine branches and leaves holding a silver cup.

In efforts to preserve the original Pomponne, Animulas was appointed by the Ordre des Coteaux de Champagne to re-interpret this stunning and iconic artifact into a new version more suited to travelling the globe for Grand Chapitres in the different embassies and consulates of the order.

Aside from the Pomponne Nouveau, Animulas was also trusted to design a special edition Pomponne for the embassy of the Ordre des Coteaux de Champagne in China featuring a Chinese dragon and design elements from Xia dynasty wine cups. Both Pomponnes can be viewed here.

Following the work with the Pomponnes, the collaboration continued with developing a collection of high-end member-only jewelry and bijoux designed around the beautiful logo of the order. The jewelry collection can be viewed here. The bijoux collection can be viewed here.