For a new-build culinary experience project located on Bali, Indonesia, Locavore Group contracted Animulas to help translating their immense pool of unique ideas into an easily understandable and applicable design direction for the building architect to use in the development of the interior design.

After getting to know the team and the vision of the project, the pool of ideas for the space was applied to the master plans to create a strategy for the application of these focusing on supporting the desired customer journey and experience. This then informed the development of design directions for the main spatial entities in the building, which were presented with guidelines for architecture, materials, functionality, furniture, lighting and artwork.

Alongside developing the interior design direction for the project, Animulas also assisted the team with feedback on updates from the architect, standardization of documentation and other ad-hoc tasks to make the project run as smoothly as possible.

David Sullivan, Creative Consultant at Locavore Group has been kind enough to contribute with a few words on the collaboration:

“Johan from Animulas was a breath of fresh air, utterly professional and thorough in his approach to a complex, creative challenge. His spirit of partnership, intelligent engagement and attention to detail has been a pleasure to work with. Documentations are ‘next level’ clear, practical and excellent communication tools for our various partners and vendors. His ability to impart a pool of concepts and develop thoughtful application strategy and practical guides has benefited greatly.

Based on our satisfaction, we are continuing to work with Johan on this project and would hope its a mutually beneficial long term partnership.”